A brief history of American Pies

  • Pies have figured prominently in our history for ages; the first known pies originated with the Egyptians, and they may have learned about pies from the Greeks!
  •  Pies originally appeared in England around the 12th century, and the first fruit pies or tarts were thought to be created in the 1500s.
  • The practice of filling a doughy casing of flour, water, and fat with a variety of fillings (fruits, nuts, and cheeses for a sweet pie; or meat, fish, eggs, and cheese for a savory one) has remained constant throughout time. Of course there have been improvements, additions, and variations to the pie tradition, and all of these figure into the endlessly delicious and enchanting world of this historic pastry.
  • The English were very fond of pies, and the tradition of baking them came over with the early settlers to America. Beyond personal preference, pies were also a practical food, since the harsh conditions of the new world did not offer much in the way of variety or abundance of food. The heavy crusts, often composed of rough flour mixed together with suet, used less flour than regular bread, and did not require a brick oven for baking. The pies could also go just a little further towards feeding a family, as opposed to other meals that could not be stretched quite so far. As you can probably tell, pies were not desserts back in the day, and it took a lot of tweaking and history to get them to their current position as delicious pastries!


Wink News
Wink News
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